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Self-Care is Essential and Surprisingly Encouraging

Since I’ve made the decision to renew a more conscious, deliberate, focused endeavor to address and prioritize my own healing process, particularly healing from sexual abuse, I have found that I also have more hope, interest, and motivation to take steps towards tending my physical health as well.  I had neglected regular female-health exams for several years, until I thought I discovered a large lump where no lump was expected.  I made an appointment with my gynecologist and, while I found that I am in  generally good health (praise be Jesus!), there are some things I can do to improve my post-menopausal condition/health.  Plus, I then made appointments for my regular mammogram and complete gynecological exams.  The more I do for my healing, the more hope I feel, and the more energy I have for doing each next step.

I know it makes sense that this would be the case: taking one step facilitates taking another, but when you are the person in the skin of grief and depression, it doesn’t feel like any particular action could bring relief or energizing-hope.  That’s part of why I am sharing this tiny tid-bit in my process.  Hopefully hearing of my experience might help someone else take even the tiniest step toward self-care.