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Lights! Coffee! Music!

older-couples-lets-dance (How I might look)

You know how filming movies starts with “Lights! Camera! Action!”?  For me, moving into my day starts with “Lights! Coffee! Music!”  I can rise at any hour if I really NEED to, if there’s a specific thing I’ve committed to do at a specific time that requires the early exit out of dream-land.  However, I am naturally a late-riser.  I’m not proud of the fact.  In my milieu “sleeping-in” tends to be looked down upon.  But I’m no longer truly ashamed of the fact that my natural wake time is 9:00 a.m.  I’ve always been this way.  Although most of my life has required I get up around 6:00 a.m. and I have managed my sleeping and waking accordingly, now that I am “retired” from “external commitments” I let myself return to my natural rhythms.  I usually stay up until mid-night or 1:00 a.m..  My body seems to prefer 9 hours sleep.  Whatever my waking hour, get me going is greatly facilitated by music.  When I hear music, it is as if the interior, essential Me wakes up; without music, much of me remains dormant.

I’m thinking about this because my “hot spot” or area where I need to work on bringing a healthful balance into my life is my physical health.  On my scales at home I weigh 165.  At the doctor’s office I weigh 159.  (I think they should really record 160, but the nurse is likely sympathetically taking a low reading!)  I used to be 5 feet 3 inches, but I’m a little bit shorter now.  I have a smallish frame (bone structure).  So I think my ideal weight would be around 115.  In college I weighed 110-115 and I felt great.  I ate well and I was naturally very active.  By “naturally” I mean that my daily activities incorporated a great deal of walking and other gentle-yet-constant activity.  I would be very happy to lose 40-50 pounds of fat, and gain some muscle weight.  I don’t really care what number the scale reads, I just know I need to lose fat from my midriff.  And I’d like to be physically stronger.

The approach I believe I SHOULD take in addressing my health is to eat better and to incorporate regular exercise into my daily routine.  So why don’t I do this?  Why haven’t I done it yet?  Simple answer: because other things have been a priority.  Why aren’t I doing it now?  Well, I’m starting to look directly at the issue; so, there’s no more “not doing it.”  Even so, my top priority is addressing my emotional health, healing my self-regard.

I think this is a good ordering of priorities because I’ve noticed that now that I am letting myself put my Self as my top priority, I have had more energy in general.  I “feel like” doing more things.  I want my approach to all self-care to be one born out of love and joy, not fear or shame or obligation.  I want to develop an attitude of joy and celebration in feeding myself, rather than dreading food as a danger.  I want my chosen modes of movement to be just that rather than dreading dutifully doing demanded daily drudgery!  So what’s my next step?  Find a great dance-inducing CD, and dance!  As for eating: find a few recipes for easily combined fresh ingredients.  Maybe have a theme for each day.  Somehow make the plan fun.  Maybe more on that next post.  Time to dance!

children dancing (How I feel!)