About Hoo Cares Blog

The reason for this blog is to provide a space dedicated to hearing hearts that need to heal.  Most of us have issues from time to time that cause us concern or even deep personal pain, some of us have deep wounds that might need a life-time to heal, but all of us need to be heard.

Hoo Cares is here to answer the question “Who cares?”  When you feel you’re alone or you can’t find a friend to talk to or you wonder where God is, Hoo Cares is here to remind you you’re not alone, God is with you, and Hoo cares.

My plan is to post a daily mini reminder of God’s Loving Presence in our lives, through scriptures, inspirational quotes, pictures, art, music — whatever I have found to be helpful/ healing to my own heart.  And if you, dear Reader, care to comment about your concerns, I will respond with a personalized word of encouragement.